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Riparian Planting

Planting riparian areas benefit the environment. Plants function like a sieve, helping to filter out sediment and nutrients before they enter waterways. Riparian plants can also help to stabilise land, prevent land erosion and increase the habitat for native wildlife.


- Planting Labour force 

- Supply of plants (optional) 

- All admin/delivery

- Options of stakes and fertiliser 

We can provide an all inclusive service with pre/post spraying and maintenance.


We have 4wd Utes, Side by side bikes and trailers set up to be able to access properties without a problem. 

Pricing is individualised to each job as there are many variables. 

Team your riparian planting with our pre spray and release spray programs to get the best results in your riparian areas. 

Get in touch with us for a quote 

We are booking now for the 2023 planting season 

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