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There are many benefits to planting poplars and willows. Poplars and willows are young tree stems (poles) that are usually between 1m and 3m long. When planted they root and sprout quickly and can help with erosion and stability of hillsides due to the extensive root systems that bind and hold the soil in place. 

Poplars can be used for many purposes

  • Erosion control

  • Helping protect fences and tracks prone to slip damage

  • Shelter belts

  • Stock shade

  • Help reduce damage to waterways.

  • Stock can also eat the leaves for extra feed when needed

Sleeves are optional but a good way to protect the 3m poles from being rubbed by stock or damaged by possums.

We are one of the only experienced poplar pole planting crew in Northland and have all the equipment and skills to plant small or large numbers of poplar poles. Get in touch with Chance or send us an enquiry.

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