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Timing of spraying is everything when it comes to most of the weeds commonly found on lifestyle blocks. The period between germination and flowering of these weeds is the optimum time to eradicate them from your paddocks – and this is usually between August and November .

Weeds that flower during the summer months such as broadleaf weeds, carrot weed, thistle, penny royal, willow weed and buttercup etc are the ones we see most commoly. They need spraying before you can see them flowering, as often if they flower it becomes too late to control them properly.

Most of these weeds are strongly invasive to pasture, and if they are not removed promptly, they not only reduce the quality of your pasture, but will also limit pasture productivity in future seasons. Most properties will need an annual spray to control the weeds.  We also recommend liquid fertiliser to increase the quality of grass and get nutrients back into your pasture.


Boom Spraying 
6m Booms

During spring each year

Weeds in pasture compete with grass for space, light, soil moisture and soil nutrients creating poor quality pasture.

Spraying each year before the plant flowers will help to control it. If weeds are left until after they flower, they usually become more difficult to control.

We have a Ute set up with auto section booms, gun spraying reel and the latest GPS mapping technology which is perfect for the smaller blocks of land.

Gun Spraying

Hard to reach areas

During Spring each year

We have a gun spray reel on our lifestyle truck as well as the booms which enables our operator to get to hard to reach areas that cannot be driven on or sensitive areas where we need to be more cautious of spray drift.  

We can also broadcast spray steeper properties with our 2 man gun spraying utes. 

Lawn Spraying also available

Liquid Fertiliser

Boom + Gun spraying

Spring and Autumn

Liquid Fertiliser helps to promote grass growth and get a wide range of trace elements back into pasture. This is turn will help you get the best out of your property. 

We use a 50/50 mix of Nutriboost and Marine NPKS from Agrifert. This mix has been recommended as a good generic liquid fertiliser for lifestyle pastures in Northland. We can also offer Urea and Lime Flour.

We aim to do two rounds of liquid fertiliser in Northland each year. Spring and Autumn. 

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If you would like to book in for any lifestyle spraying or fertiliser service or have any questions please complete the booking form by clicking the below link

or send an email 

All lifestyle spraying is completed on a first in first served basis so please get in touch and get yourself on the list. If you would like to go a yearly recall list then please let us know.  

Lifestyle Properties BOOK NOW FOR 2022: Text
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